Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Resistance Gallery expands with dynamic force into Resistencia UK

Welcome to Resistencia UK.

Over the years the people behind Resistance Gallery have been instrumental in bringing you new, innovative and even award winning events ranging from the subtle and sublime to the outlandish, opulent and Bizarre.

We now combine our massive talents under the one banner of Resistencia UK
Our event creation, management and production team work closely with all our clients And friends to ensure the very highest standards with astonishing results.

Specializing in the strange and unusual, Resistencia can add unique twists to mainstream themes or conceive never-before-thought-of exciting new ideas.

We also provide the very best in performance entertainment from cabaret, burlesque, Lucha Libre, freakshow, cabaret siniestro, circus, dance, neo burlesque, gorelesque, wrestling, fire, musicians, actors, extras, stunt people, compares and comedians.

From red carpet events to a friends birthday, the layout to the venue to the d├ęcor to the AV to the compare to the DJ every aspect is handled with a delicate and dedicated flair to ensure that the client and the guests have a wondrous time they'll never forget!

We work with international television production companies, drinks companies, publishers, movie production, high street brands, online media, left-field publications, artists and individuals.

We have a team of illustrious designers, musicians, artists and producers ready to facilitate any project.

Our technical production team can film to the highest standards using the very latest HD recording equipment or provide pre recorded clips, montages, animation to suit the clients requirements.

Below is a list of just some of the parties, events, art exhibitions, magazine launches, TV shows, corporate shows or fully immersive environments of which we have either invented, created, produced or played a large part in over the last six years & some of the companies we have worked with.

Abasement of Dolls
Beauty In Decay
Bizarre Ball 2008 & 2009
Fangtasia London
Hail To The King: A Tribute To Jack Kirby
Iconography of Mask
Lolita in Wonderland
London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage
London School of Lucha Libre
Lucha Britannia
Lucha Underground
Mexico Siniestro
RAMWA: Rock & Metal Wrestling Action
R.A.R.E Rock & Roll Expressionists
Resistance Rising
Salon of Kinbaku
The Fetishistas Movers, Shakers, Stirrers
This Is So Wrong!
Ainsley T Shoe Launch
Alienistic Studios
American Express
Amsterdam Kink
Atticus Clothing
BBC News
Bizarre Magazine
Boris Keep Your Promise
Brit Awards After Party ITV2
Channel 4 TV
Club Cool
Download Festival
Festival Republic
Fetish Aid
Fet-X Magazine
Fixed: Global Fixed-Gear Bike Culture
Future Lucha
FXUK (Fox Television UK)
Glastonbury Festival
Glimpse Magazine
HBO (Home Box Office US TV)
Illustrated Ape Magazine
Kinky Salon
Late Shop Cabaret
Live Nation
London Hill Gin
Lucha Libre London
Momentum UK
Mutiny: On Trial series
My Site In Space
Naked & the Blind
New Family
Parlour Culture
Peer Rope London
Pineapple Dance Studios
Queen Bees
Reading festival
Ready Rooms
Saatchi & Saatchi
Sex, Drugs & Council Tax
Sink the Pink
Sister Magazine
Skin Two Rubber Ball
Slaughterhaus 5
Southern Comfort
Star Wars: Knights of the new old republic
Stone Temple Pilots
Studio 11
Taste for London
Tea & Biscuit
The Coolness
The Gate Club
The Great Orchidaceous Travesty
The Itch & A Rebours
The Most Cake Magazine
The Ready Rooms
Torture Garden
Toxico Clothing
Trans Kabaret Maxximus
Triibe Liquer
Warner Brothers Music UK
Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Visit Resistance Gallery home page for venue hire, what's on, boutique and art exhibitions.
Please find Resistance Gallery on facebook Myspace & Twitter


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